Jasspurr Boarding Cattery

A very warm welcome to

Jasspurr Boarding Cattery

Owned by Jass & Mick Nice

Our cattery opened in 2008 and is designed & accredited to

to meets the requirements of  I.C.C

( formerly Feline Advisory Bureau ).

We are fully licensed and inspected by Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Council, under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018.  

5 Star rating awarded  

licence no: LN/000000587

Jass is fully trained by F.A.B and Jasspurr Cattery is run

in line with F.A.B & The 2018 animal welfare regulations and protocols.

Jass and Mick together care for our guests on a daily basis week in and week out.  So your cats will see the same faces and receive continual care from the same person. As cat lovers ourselves we appreciate that no two cats are alike and individual care will be given, we are aware that some cats have their own quirky ways and personality.

All cats entrusted into our care will have as many homely comforts as possible, and the individual attention they deserve. Including playtime and grooming and “cat chat” time whilst we are cleaning and caring during the working day. This is all part of the service along with huge amounts of cuddles and fuss....

Our aim is to provide excellent individual care and accommodation for your cat. Every effort is made to make your cat’s stay as enjoyable and interesting as possible.  Interactive toys, play tunnels even a cardboard box if required are provided.  A stress free holiday for your cat and yourself is our aim.

We have a large off road customer car park.

You are always welcome to visit Jasspurr Cattery prior to booking, an appointment will ensure we will have time to show you around and answer all your questions. If you have a list of questions we are more than happy to answer them.

During our peak times of the year:

Bank holidays/Easter/school holidays & Christmas,

It’s advisable to book 2-3 months ahead to avoid disappointment.

Tel: 01787 211023           E:  ayla28550@gmail.com

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