Q When is the best time to bring my cat to cattery?

A If you are travelling that day, best  come along to the cattery first thing. Just incase your cat decides to go “walk about “ and then you will be waiting for him to come home.   

Q Should I feed my cat as normal on that day ?

A Don't feed your cat the day he is coming into the cattery in the morning. He will be more likely to hang around the       house thinking you have just forgot to feed him..

Q Will my cat come into contact with anyone else's cat ?

A No… your cat will not come into contact  with other cats. Every cat or family of cats even have their own dustpan and       brush. No cross infection can take place. Only cats from the same household will live together. Your cat  will be aware      of their neighbours and hear them.

Q Should I visit the cattery before booking & what should I expect and ask?

A Absolutely ..Yes ! If possible,. make an appointment and go along, see for yourself how the guests are and an      experienced proprietor should be able to answer all your questions.  Security and fit for purpose buildings are always      one of the most asked questions. The best recommendation is” word of mouth.” Ask  other cat owners,

     work colleagues, local vets, & local cat charities.

Q What daily checks will you do for my cat?

A  We check ears, eyes, coat . The contents of the litter tray, food eaten, drinking habits and the general well being

       of your cat.. Most of this is documented on the chart relating to your cat attached to the chalet. This will allow us to

      pick up on any changes straight away.

Q I don’t have a family of cats but would like a family cottage for my cat. Is this possible?

A  Yes, if one of the cottages are available . However the cost would be £20.00 per day.

Q  What is the youngest age that I can board my kitten?

A  Once your kitten has had the full course of vaccinations and one week clearance, we are able to accept your kitten.

Q Will my cat be groomed daily?

A  Yes….As part of the daily routine. We do have grooming brushes etc for all types of coats. But you are welcome to

       bring your own along as your cat will be familiar with them. However we will not groom cats that are obviously not        groomed at home and any cats that object violently to being groomed.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do Remember your cat's vaccination card. Your cat will not be able to stay without it.

Do Treat your cat against fleas & worms 3-5 days prior to boarding.

Do Bring along bedding, toys & grooming brush to help your cat settle in.

Do Remember to book your cat in the day  before if you have a early morning travelling arrangements or overnight.

Do Bring along your cats treats, we are happy to give to them on a daily basis during their stay.


Don't Wash your cat's bedding before taking to the cattery, this will  remove any familiar smells.

Don't  Feed your cat before the journey it may well vomit or worst ! We will  feed once settled in.

Don't  Put bedding that you wish to  leave for comfort in the carrier in  case of the above....

                Newspaper, puppy training sheet or an old towel will do the job.

Don’t Arrive with your cat in your arms or on a harness. The cat may panic and escape.

                 Cat carriers must be “fit for purpose” and safe.

Sometimes for cat owners who need to board.

This can be a big decision….

Do I or don’t I ????

No one can replace YOU in your cat’s life, but  sometimes we need to leave our cat/s. A good cattery is the next best thing. It could be a much needed holiday, a  hospital stay, moving house or family members coming to stay who are allergic to cat fur.

What are  your options :

1/  Leave the cat at home - Cats are in fact not as happy with this

as you think, cats don’t like to be in a empty house alone. They do not understand why they are there and YOU are not. Their favourite person who they have bonded with are no where to be seen.

Remember your cat bonds with YOU not the house.

If you are away for a period of time your cat will start pining and stray into other cat’s territory or onto a road they would not normally use.

 If your cat did go missing think of the worry this will give the person caring for your cat. If you have chosen a good cattery none of this will happen and your cat will be fed, safe and have company.

2/ Visit cattery’s in your area, ask a lot of questions, see how the boarders are behaving, relaxed, asleep, happy, chatting to you as you  pass by. Are the surrounding gardens tidy and buildings in good condition.  Is there a homely feel or a business element . How many staff are there. At the end of the day you know your cat best and will know if you have found the right cattery.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and tips to help make everything go smoothly

We appreciate a curriculum vitae, telling us about the routine for your cat at home, so we can mimic your cat/s needs while he/she is on holiday.

A personal profile is good for us

You can tell us for example if :

Likes to be brushed, likes tummy rubs, an extra blanket to snuggle under. Has he or she a favourite toy? Is your cat a deep thinker or busy bee?…loves to chat and a great conversationalist, or happy just  watching /sleeping the day away.

Responsible owners will understand and appreciate that this will ensure a happy guest.

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