*If your cat has medication

on a regular basis, it is

all within our capability and

   all individual requirements will be

duly catered for.

You will be asked to sign a form

   allowing us to administer medication

to your cat in your absence.

Please make sure we have all the information we require when booking,

including enough medication to

cover the stay with us.

We ask you inform your own vet the dates your cat will be within our care.


Any ongoing medical conditions are unfortunately not covered by our insurance

please ask…

if you are not sure about

Your cats vaccine record

We do not accept

Non-vaccinated cats

Cats will be accepted for boarding if in good health and you are able to produce

   a currant vaccination card/details  against feline enteritis & cat flu.

If your cat needs to re-start or begin

a vaccine course,

It will need to be started one month

prior to entering boarding cattery.

 1st vaccination followed by 2nd vaccination 3 weeks later.

Plus 1 week clearance.

The proprietor reserves

the right to refuse admission to any

cat showing signs of ill health,

pending advice from a

veterinary surgeon.

In extreme cases of badly matted coats we will also refuse admission.

We ask that flea and worming treatment is up to date and details given to

us on arrival.

If your cat/s preparations are due

while in our care, please supply

and we are happy to administer.

   You and your cat/s will be shown

to his/her holiday chalet, along with

any home comforts you have brought.

You are welcome to stay as long as

you like  and settle your cat. You are

most welcome to phone/email

to enquire how your cat is

enjoying him/herself.

Vaccination & Medication

Established 2008  

Awarded 5 Stars

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