Our Cattery & philosophy

We re-cycle our guests !!!!!

After daily grooming all the unwanted fur is collected up and put around the garden  for the wild birds to help themselves, to line their nests....

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As cat owners ourselves for over twenty years we treat each cat as if they were our own, and pride

ourselves on our first class service. Every cat is special and are treated as individuals.

We are committed to happiness, well being and health, while in our care.

Cats need more than just a place  to stay, and a person to love them. As a husband and wife team, we care for your cat from arrival to departure, no employed staff and many difference faces. Therefore a continuity of care. Total attention to detail, cleaning, feeding and care of our guests guarantees that your cat is well looked after, making as much as possible a home from home for them. It also enables us to pick up on any potential problems quickly.  Your cat gets use to us and we are very aware if a cat starts to behave differently.   

All likes and dislikes are taken into account, based on information provided by you the owner. Our cattery is situated within our garden and beside a natural pond. CC TV cameras and sensor security beams monitor the grounds 24/7 . Access into our cattery is via an intercom system. So we know at all times who is

within the cattery complex.

All our chalets are fully  insulated. With thermostatically controlled heating,  glazed window and shelving wide enough for a bed. The chalet leads into the individual covered run areas, there are full height clear sneeze barriers. Chalets are designed with your cat’s needs in mind. We know cats like to have a quiet, protected area to hide and sleep, and being able to jump up and down to different levels.

Each chalet has its own personal storage box, vet-bed bedding, toys, and brushes if required etc.

(You are more than welcome to bring your own if you wish).

Everything your cat comes to stay with, goes home and does not get mislaid.

We encourage owners to settle their cats before leaving and make sure everyone is happy.


We do much more than just clean and feed. We take the time to provide pampering, grooming, stroking and cuddles. Each area has its own three tier scratching frame for that all important nail sharpening and doubles up as look out post. Breath taking views over our beautiful natural pond with over hanging trees and an abundance of wildlife, in and out of the pond. Wild birds hop in and out the bushes and reeds, whilst the goldfish keep an eye out for their next feed. Not forgetting our resident ducks, poultry and aviary birds, budgies, finches and quails, who are more than happy to entertain our feline guests! Your cat will be able to enjoy the fresh air, listen to music, and watch the world go by...

We have single, double and family chalets, (which are suitable for up to four cats, from the same household), along with isolation facilities if it should be required.

As and when seasonable weather permits all our guests will have a pot of natural grown wheat grass in their chalets. Some cat owners make the mistake of preventing their cat from eating grass. There are various reasons for this, one since they think it makes their cat ill or upsets their stomach. This is an incorrect assumption and in fact the eating of grass followed by regurgitation is a perfectly natural behaviour for all cats. Cats do not possess the ability to separate meat from fur, bones or feathers before eating like we do so they have to eat the digestible parts along with the indigestible parts. When the cat has finished digesting what he can the rest has to be removed from the system. To try to pass this through the digestive tract could cause obstruction and severe illness so this is where grass eating comes in. The habit of eating grass triggers the natural process of regurgitation of indigestible foods including its own fur balls which would otherwise obstruct the system. This can appear to us humans as if the cat is being violently ill but this is not the case and

In fact is very beneficial.


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